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All Testimonials from Recent Events

Feedback from PMI Washington DC Chapter (Aug 12)
“Mark, it was an honor to have you speak.  You opened my eyes to the many avoidable miscues of the Titanic that are absolutely transferable lessons learned we can all take to heart and apply in our day jobs.  Great job!”
Andy Walker, Assistant Vice President, Networking Programs - Evening Programs

Feedback from PMI Washington DC (IRS Gov) Chapter (Jul 12)
“Mark, the briefing you did for us was one of our best programs and I heard the DC Chapter briefing was outstanding. Thanks.”
Carol Huber, Networking Programs

Feedback from HP GTS/Program/Project Management - Training & Development (Feb12)
Just a quick note to commend Mark Kozak-Holland on doing an outstanding job for us in presenting for our Eat & Educate program. The feedback we have received from the project and program management community for this event has been positively glowing, and we look forward to welcoming Mark back to provide further insight!
Kieran Wright, PMP, Program Manager: Global PPM Mentoring Program, Eat & Educate

Feedback from PMI Syracuse Chapter (Apr 11)
“Thank you for the great presentation at the Syracuse PMI meeting. I look forward to reading your book. Good Luck! Terry Vermilyea, PMP, Director of Certification, Syracuse Chapter PMI

Feedback from Webinar for IBM PM Practice (Mar 11)
• “This was the best session I have attended to date.  The speaker was excellent, and the topic was very, very interesting!  Thanks for setting this up!  I would also love to hear this speaker again!”
• “This was an excellent session.  I loved the topic and I plan on taking time to look at the website and buy a couple of the books.  We can get so bogged down in the details of our projects that we fail to see the 'big project management' picture that has preceded us and can still teach us. ”
• “Most excellent presentation. Project Management through History has given me more to think about in my present time projects, that I am making history with client projects and can build more and more on lessons learned. Thank you again for a stellar topic, speaker and presentation.”
• “Probably the MOST interesting presentation related to project management that I have ever attended in this series or anywhere.  Stayed glued to it for the full hour. Thank you Mark! ”
• “Fascinating subject matter, expertly delivered. It served to demonstrate the power of applying strong PM disciplines - and what can happen when they are compromised. Thank you. ”
• Thank you again for a fascinating and informative session.   Linda June, PMP, Webinar coordinator

Feedback from History in the Making PMI Washington DC (Nov 10)
• “Really excellent integration of historical perspective into PM context.” Jeff Zalusky
• “Very in-depth knowledge of subject matter, real world examples of tough situations and how to implement techniques.”

Feedback from PMI Puerto Rico (Oct 10)
“It was a wonderful experience to have your participation at our annual symposium.  All the feedback received up to now on all the people that had the opportunity to participate on both the full-day seminar and the plenary conference are just positive and full of enthusiasm. Also, all the people that get along with you during the two-day event admired your charisma, humility and of course, the formality and seriousness on your researches about project management in history.
Hope to have the opportunity to work with you in other professional projects/events like this in a near future!” María E. Alvarado-López, PMP, VP de Programas

“I share Maria's words in thanking you for your participation. Your presence certainly made a difference.  I'm sure next time you'll be around, our audience will welcome your seminars enthusiastically!” Best regards, Luis, PMP, President

Feedback from EC Harris, UK (Oct 10)
“Thanks once again for the [2] sessions.  I have heard only positive feedback on the session I attended.  I think it helped especially our internal teams to step back and think about their projects and what they are trying to do.” James Almond

Feedback from RAF Museum, Cosford, Shropshire, UK (Oct 10)
“Ian, I have been meaning to thank you for Tuesday. It was a privilege to meet and listen to Alan, Mark and the other veterans.  A real eye opener and humbling experience. Thank you very much for setting this up for us it was most appreciated.” Bin Uppal on behalf of 47 students from the Birmingham Metropolitan College who were studying a variety of business subjects.

“Mark, Thanks for the talk last night.  My students were suitably impressed and enlightened.  I spoke to at least 1 CILT member who found it interesting and mind opening…” Ian Hughes

Feedback from APM UK – 7 Branches Sheffield, York, Hadfield, Southampton, Manchester, Newcastle, Bradford (Oct 10)
“I attended the Sheffield presentation and thought it was one of the best and most interesting events we have had. Unfortunately I cannot attend the Bradford 20/10 presentation but would urge anyone who has not seen Mark’s talk to make every effort to be there”
Regards, Ken Platts

“I can’t say I’m surprised, the same event last night was fantastic! Look forward to seeing it again on 20th Oct at Bradford…”Regards, Sarah Martin MSc MAPM RMaPS

“Please see the feedback results for Titanic lessons for modern projects on Tuesday 5th October. The overall event score was 4.48 which is great-well done Mark!!!! It was thoroughly enjoyable.”
Best Wishes, Lucy Clay, Branch Administrator, Association for Project Management

“Thank you so much for coming to the APM East of England Branch last night. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening…the presentation was very well received and this is reflected in the high marks. There were also lots of very positive comments and I have listed these as follows:
• Best event yet
• Very well presented, thanks!
• Well thought out and connected to present day
• Absolutely brilliant event – superb speaker and content. Very good double act.
• Very good interpretation and made relevant in an interesting way
• Informative and educative.
• Excellent.
• Very interesting seeing the links between yesterdays disaster & today’s projects – now to avoid tomorrows disaster.
• As a student, the knowledge gained in this meeting is priceless.”
Linda Wilbe, APM East

“Hello Mark, You presentation on lessons from the Titanic was very well received and is talked about with great enthusiasm amongst our members here in Wessex and I also heard several very complimentary comments when I was in Manchester for our Education Forum last week.”
Regard, Miles Shepherd APM Wessex

“Mark, Thank you for doing our event. I think everybody was impressed. I'm attaching the survey results we received after the event. I'm sure we'll be in touch again. Overall ratings - 83.3% (15) Excellent and 16.7% (3) Good”
Regards, Angela Jopling, APM NorthEast 

Feedback from PMI Rome, Italy (Oct 10)
“Mark, thank you so much for your contribution to a very successful Day!” Aldo Gebbia, Director of Events

Feedback from History in the Making PMI Alaska (Sep 10)
“Very good, prepared presentations.  Mark has the ability to energize students with his delivery of history lessons from top leaders.  He brings history to life with real life examples and behind the scenes relationships.”

Feedback from Hartford Insurance Group (Sep 10)
“You saw I was beaming all day. There has been nothing but positive feedback from your presentations.” Gabrielle Savary, event organizer.
“I thought the opening session was a great way to kick off the event. Why mess with perfection!” Anon.

Feedback from PMI New Hampshire (Sep 10)
“Mark, Thanks for speaking.  We really enjoyed your fascinating presentation and good luck on finishing your next book.” Laura Starrett, BS, MBA, PMP

Feedback from History in the Making PMI Ohio (Jul 10)
“He prepared a lot of interesting material about WWII leaders that can be added to our current projects.  Good and knowledgeable presenter.”

Feedback from Workshop with the US Federal Government (Jun 10)
“Mark, the presentation on how lessons from the building and maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic are applicable for today's projects was outstanding. What was particularly useful was how you related the PMBOK knowledge areas to that project, and then discussed with our panelists the parallels that could then be drawn with our agency's projects. It was a perfect example of how, even on the best run projects, the results may be disastrous if shortcuts are taken in quality assurance and control. You definitely made the case for continually reviewing your project's risks and assumptions and checking their validity in the light of changing scope. Well done!”
Bob Morse, PMP

ProjectWorld Toronto 2010 Workshop Evaluation Results (May 10)
For Project Lessons from the Great Escape Great Escape Workshop. We asked 3 questions: rate the Program, Instructor, and Content– all out of 5 (with 5 being excellent). First the big picture: 
The total number of workshops – 40
Program - the best – 4.86, the average – 4.22, the number over 4.0 – 28
Instructor- the best – 5.0, the average – 4.46,  the number over 4.0 – 36
Content - the best - 4.92, the average – 4.11, the number over 4.0 – 26
and your scores: Program 4.85, Instructor 4.62, Content 4.79, overall average score: 4.75

Feedback from Presentation with Diageo (May 10)
Churchill’s Adaptive Enterprise
Highly engaging session which brings character and perspective to life in major projects. Fitting to the 60th anniversary of Churchill’s challenges at Dunkirk....Mark – very interesting talk – thanks for your time. Andrew Weir, Global Data Management Director

Feedback from Workshop with US Joint Forces Command (Mar 10)
Mark - thank you so much for your presentation. I have received multiple very positive comments - one analyst said it was the best Community of Interest group function she had ever attended. We found your presentation of the famous story both compelling and relevant. Thanks again for coming down. I hope to see you again! Steve D'Andrea

Feedback from (3) Community Services Workshops (Feb/Mar 10)
I found this a very engaging way to impart project management principles.
The workshop has 'demystified' the whole concept of project management and affirmed some of my current work practices… thank you.
I could see the relation of the Great Escape and my own management of projects.  I think I take with me the concept that good PM is really having good common sense, good business skills and making the most of opportunity.  Thoroughly enjoyed information gained, and the experience of the Great Escape.
The PMBOK tool and application on the workshops produced good understanding of how to approach any project.  Broadly applicable.  The creative, scholarly approach of Mark much appreciated.

Feedback from the PMI Maine (Nov 09)
" Great job! Let me know about cost/scope for a half or full day workshop next Fall.”
Steve MacIsaac, PMI Event Director

PMI Southern Alberta Chapter (Nov 09) Professional Development Conference Session Evaluation Results (Summary)
Session Presenter & Session Title: Titanic Lessons: Avoiding Project Disasters
Criteria Average Rating (out of 7.00)
The quality of the presentation was excellent. 5.59
The presentation was well organized. 5.68
The ideas and skills presented were useful. 5.59
The presentation met my training objectives. 5.30
The presentation pace was comfortable. 5.19
The presenter was able to hold my interest. 5.33
The presenter was knowledgeable about the topic. 6.49
The presenter effectively responded to questions. 5.97
The presenter encouraged audience interaction. 5.86
I would recommend this presenter to others. 5.46
Presenter Average Rating* 5.65
* Number of respondents: 37

Feedback from the DAMA conference (Nov 09)
Churchill’s Adaptive Enterprise Keynote
"Brilliant, interesting and very imaginative.  Would have been good later in the day to break up drier content.”
“As a “scrum” advocate – completely aligned to the agile ideas – superbly well researched and delivered material and compelling story.  Thank you Mark.”
“Surprisingly relevant.”
Titanic Session
“Very nice analogy, great lecture.”
“Very interesting presentation with some real world takeaways.“
“Key lessons from history well drawn out.”
“Interesting parallels to today’s project management.”
“A great presentation on project problems.”
“Very valid points for today and tomorrow taken from history.”

Feedback from the IPMA Day UK (Nov 09)
“Mark was the opening key note speaker for the PMI UK IPM day in November 09, which I chaired. What a fascinating talk we had around the way the Titanic project was brought together the pitfalls and decisions that were made that led to that fateful iceberg. Bringing history to life and relating it to the issues of project management today, thoroughly enjoyed and recommended.”  Patrick Bird , Director , InterActive Performance Management Ltd

“Mark, you were very well received and commended widely on the feedback forms! Your presentation is interesting as it's a narrative and people enjoy stories, it's quite unique instead of just dry processes and statistics.” Nazia Soonasra, IPM Day 2009 Project Manager

Feedback from the BCS Institute PROMS-G (Teeside, UK) (Nov 09)
 “I’m sure you’ve learnt, your [Titanic] talk was much appreciated. My personal thanks to you also.” Alan Shaw, Chairman, BCS Institute Teeside

Feedback from the BCS Institute PROMS-G (Manchester, UK) (Nov 09)
“After reading many of Mark's articles in Project Manager Today and Gantthead.com I invited Mark to speak at the BCS Chartered Institute for IT (Manchester, UK). He was and is a fantastic, energetic speaker who appears to seamlessly adapt to how to present his knowledge using the Titantic series. I have no doubts about the interest he portrays in his presentations and the engagement of his audience and would recommend anyone to listen and read Mark's works. Thanks you, keep up the good work and hopefully see you again in 2010.” December 4, 2009
Andy Jordan MBCS CITP, Senior IT Consultant, Strategic Systems Solutions

“Everyone I've spoken to about your talk enjoyed it and found the historical perspective very relevant and informative. Once again thank you for giving such an interesting talk to the Branch.” Andrew Mohan, Chairman, BCS Manchester Branch.

Feedback from the BCS Institute PROMS-G (London, UK) (Nov 09)
 “Well presented and authoritative, and developed the analogy very well with lots of emphasis on IT projects and issues.”
“Very interesting presentation. Not enough time to fully explore all aspects though!”
“Enjoyed the approach taken to discuss about the issue.”
“A very interesting way of looking at project management, really enjoyable. I would have never thought of analysing the sinking of the Titanic in the way which Mark did.”
“Most of these comments up were very positive. Many thanks for your support. We look forward to seeing you next time you are over.”
David Reynolds, Director, Project Management Specialist Group (PROMS-G)

Feedback from the PMI World Wide Congress (Oct 09)
"This was the best session [Great Escape] I have attended. Timeframe should be two sessions. Awesome!!!   Great presentation.”
“Great job organizing the material and historical content. The level of detail and slide content was just right for the topic at hand. The presenter was clear and engaging. I am glad I attended.”
Satisfaction ratings with session (5/5 and 4/5): 64.71% and 35.29%
Compared to the average of all the sessions (5/5 and 4/5): 28.42% and 42.09%

Feedback from the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia (Sep 09)
"Thank you again for speaking at CMIT. Your presentation [Churchill] was extremely well-received as usual.”
Jenny Leslie, Assistant Director for Corporate Information & Communications

Feedback from the PMI South Alberta Chapter (May 09)
"Thanks again, it was a great session.  We are excited to have you at our PDC [for a workshop].”
Laurel Sim, PMI President

Feedback from the PMI La Crosse Chapter (May 09)
"Mark, thanks for sharing your insightful views on project management at our chapter meeting. Your discussion of the actual Titanic construction project provided an interesting slant on assumptions. It was a valuable reminder that project managers must evaluate all elements of a project without bias if they are to achieve success."
Ann Yates, PMI Secretary

Feedback from the PMI Huron Valley Chapter Ann Arbor (May 09)
“Mark's presentation on Risk Management as it applies to the construction of the Titanic was engaging and intriguing.  The presentation was able to transport listeners back in time while providing a unique case study for a project discipline that is not always given enough sincere effort. Thank you!”
Pam Hughes, Director of Programs

“I attended the seminar you gave to our local PMI chapter (PMI-HVC) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, yesterday evening. I just wanted to say that I thought your presentation was outstanding.  The lessons from the Titanic certainly remain relevant to us today.  It was invaluable to hear your analysis – assessing and quantifying the risk, and evaluating the consequences – and to reflect on how we approach risk management on our current projects.  I noticed on your last slide your offer to make your presentation available to us.  Would it be possible to get a copy of your presentation?  I would like to discuss it with my staff. Thank you.”
Frederik Heineken. PMP

Feedback from the PMI Thumb Chapter Michigan (May 09)
“Just a quick note to thank you on behalf of our PMI Chapter for the excellent “Great Escape” project analysis. It was very interesting and the initial feedback was very positive. On a side note I suppose if you used the same PMBOK analogy on “The Great Raid” this project was almost flawless. All prisoners were rescued from this prison camp with only one casualty. Perhaps I have just given you an idea for your next book.”
Edward Madden, PMP, Vice President Marketing

ProjectWorld Toronto 2009 Track Session Speaker Evaluation Results
For the Great Escape presentation. We asked 4 questions: rate the Topic, Speaker, Content, and Overall – all out of 5 (with 5 being excellent). First the big picture: 
The total number of track sessions – 53
Topic – best - 5.00, average – 4.11, number over 4.0 – 32
Speaker –best – 5.00, average – 3.87, number over 3.87 – 25
Content – best - 4.83, the average –3.70, number over 3.70  -  28
Overall – best - 4.83, the average – 3.78, number over 3.78 – 31
and your scores: Topic: 4.5, Speaker: 4.05, Content: 4.35, Overall 4.25

Feedback from the DAMA conference Orlando, Florida (Apr 09)
Churchill’s Adaptive Enterprise Keynote
"Very interesting topic. Churchill was amazing. Mark is an enthusiastic speaker with a lot of energy. Invite everyone to move to the front of the room.’
“Learned some history and appreciate the relevancy.”
“Great lessons, nice summary points.”
“Fascinating; spell-binding.”

Feedback from the PMI Syracuse Chapter New York (Mar 09)
"Mark is a masterful educational craftsman who weaves lessons from history into a project management curriculum that is based on historical trials and errors; bringing to life theoretical principles of project management in a presentation that is more like a picture album or a documentary. His delivery aims at tying factual history to the principles of Project Management demonstrating the application of PMBOK processes in long used practices well before any effort to formalize them into current standards. And as he tells his stories through the eyes and ears of his data sources, real people who were part of that history, we are mesmerized. He leaves us with questions, challenges, and a yearning to learn more."
Manal El Tigi, VP of Programs

Feedback from the PMI New Hampshire Chapter (Mar 09)
“Thank you and it was a pleasure having you present to the chapter. I would love to work out having you come back to present the Winston Churchill Lessons.”
Courtney S. Henry, PMP, VP of Programs

Feedback from the PMI Durham Highlands Chapter (Feb 09)
“Sorry I was not able to attend. I heard your presentation at HP earlier this year was awesome.”

ProjectWorld Vancouver 2008 Track Session Speaker Evaluation Results
For the Great Escape presentation. We asked 4 questions: rate the Topic, Speaker, Content, and Overall – all out of 5 (with 5 being excellent). First the big picture:
The total number of track sessions – 48
Topic - the best – 4.60, the average – 4.0
Speaker - the best – 4.67, the average – 3.94
Content - the best - 4.44, the average – 3.72
Overall – the best – 4.60, the average – 3.83
And your scores: Topic: 4.21, Speaker: 3.84, Content: 4.11, Overall: 4.05

Feedback from the PMI Binghamton Chapter New York (Oct 08)
“Mark Kozak-Holland presented a fascinating seminar to our group. For thousands of years, the
greatest teachers have used stories to effectively illustrate important concepts. Mark proves that
history provides amazing stories with powerful lessons that provide value for today’s world. His
speaking and writing styles are entertaining, educational and effective. He is always a crowd favorite.” Vince Socci, Professional Activities Chair, IEEE

Feedback from the PMI New York Chapter (NYC) (Oct 08)
“Mark, thank you for a wonderful presentation and answering my questions afterwards. Thanks.” Shirley Wong
“Mark, We met last night at your wonderful PMI presentation.” Liz Schwartz, PMP

Feedback from the Presentation for IT&T SIG (Oct 08)
“Today, I attended your presentation to the PMI group about project management and the Great Escape.  I like the use of examples and relationship to PMBOK knowledge areas.  I teach project management course at Denver University.  I would like to discuss using your idea and material for one of my class modules.” Raymond Kaufman, PMP 

Feedback from the PMI Central Virginia Chapter (CVC) (Sep 08)
“We have had the pleasure of hearing Mark speak at our chapter several times and each time he
presented a different aspect of Project Management by placing it in a historical context. Along
with his extensive research on historical topics his presentations are thought-provoking and have
always been well received by our chapter membership. We look forward to having him speak again soon.” Paul Gilbo, VP Programs, PMI Central Virginia Chapter

“Mark: I just want you to know how much I appreciated your presentation to the PMI Central VA Chapter, and I'm well into the book as well – I already knew quite a bit about the history, but have thoroughly enjoyed the "PM" take on the subject -- great stuff! Thanks, and best wishes!
John K. Sheldon

“Mark, I stopped by the podium/lectern after your presentation tonight to congratulate you on an excellent presentation well-delivered. I've just visited lessons-from-history.com and saw your bio there, or at least the portion that says, "Mark is very passionate about history". It shows. I had the misfortune of studying history in high school under several individuals who were decidedly NOT passionate about it. I've since heard presentations by a number of speakers who are. Passion and the ability to tell a story should be minimum requirements for teaching history. I look forward to hearing you speak again.” Ronald Pierce

“Mark, Thanks again for introducing your insightful study of The Great Escape and for the link to your website.… I am fascinated by the concept of doing project management analysis on historical projects.  I look forward to reading your book on The Great Escape and reviewing your website. Thanks, Bill.” William W. Fraker, (Yale - MDiv, STM; U Penn.- MSW) LCSW, (UNC - CH) MPH, PMP, Project Analyst and Business Project Manager, First Health, A Coventry Health Care Company

Feedback from the CMIT, (MBA program) University of Virginia (Sep 08)
“Personally I’m not that interested in history, but it was amazing to me how relevant the lessons of something that had very little to do with technology could be when applied to the work I do on a daily basis in IT. It just goes to show you how universal the importance of good project management and effective leadership really are.” Christopher J. Husser

“Mark - Your presentation to the McIntire School at UVa on Friday was fantastic.  As a recent graduate of the program (Class of 2006) I can tell you there are several folks in my class that would love to hear about your research - I wish they could have been there. As Director of a small PMO for a state agency, I too would like to know more about the Escape Committee and their perspective, so I'll have to do some of my own research on that matter.” Bevan Hurlbert, IT Portfolio Manager, Va DMV

Feedback from the PMI Minnesota Chapter, Minneapolis, MN (Sep 08)
Waiting for survey results.

Feedback from the PMO Conference Community of Practice (Jul 08)
“Mark kept the group enthralled all the way though the workshop, linking project management today back to the events of  the Titanic. A great mix of history that we think we know with project management that we should know. A great practical workshop which kept everyone involved and entertained. For our organization it was an excellent day and really added a lot of value to the overall event.” Richard Bradley, Group Programme Management Office, Business Services


“Mark, many thanks for your efforts. Our post conference survey showed an incredible 96% very good to excellent review of your day. General feedback was very positive, so thanks again.” Colin Smith, Group PMO Leader.

Feedback from the Intel PM Community of Practice (May 08)
"Mark's presentation, at the Practitioner's Forum, Titanic Lessons for IT Projects, was very interesting and well received. Mark has researched specific details regarding the Titanic disaster and identified errors that can be used to illustrate the need to follow proper project discipline. This method makes the presentation interesting. Mark added historical context that peaked the interest of the attendee and reinforced the key project learning. It was a very enjoyable presentation." Garth J Hadley, PMP, CPIM Manager, NWR Engineering/Project Management, Intel Corp
“Mark, I just wanted to thank you for your time and the insights you provided us today.  There were several key learnings I will apply to my future projects. Thank you,” Pamela McKnight, Intel Corporation, Global Staffing Operations

Feedback from PMI Feedback from PMI North Alberta Conference (May 08)
• History's perspective. A valuable check.     
• Everything! Terrific presentation!     
• Perhaps too much information but very informative pace a little too fast   
• Lots of information, packed with content and explanations. Very good presentation.
• Fascinating history less; practical application is unclear.     
• Engaging topic- slow start up but engaging as it progressed.    
• Very fast paced and a lot of info.     
• Chalk full of project management information, dripping with lessons.
• Great presentation. These leaders do motivate all leaders in the corporate world today.
• More of a lecture style     
• This presentation was good but a hard act to follow from the Great Escape  

Feedback from PMI South Saskatchewan Conference (Apr 08)
"Mark.  It was a pleasure to meet you and hear you speak.” Harlan Kennedy, VP-Programs
Great Escape presentation (lunch keynote) written evaluation feedback:
+ Historical context analyzed into project management - excellent
+ Very interesting to blend history & PM  - something we don't think to do too often
+ Very interesting presentation / very good topic - interesting case study
+ Organization of presentation / interesting example to which PM processes was applied /
+ Informative - intense, put things into perspective      
+ The topic was extremely interesting & was comparable to project mgt.
+ Mark was very knowledgeable about the subject matter & an excellent speaker  
Average Rating out of 5 (with 5 being excellent): 3.9

Titanic Workshop written evaluation feedback:
+ Excellent idea/manner to teach PM concepts – risk
+ Fascinating material
+ I found the whole story fascinating
+ Great analogy
+ Perfect historical story to captivate interest!
+ Good relationship with real world concepts
+ Material and presentation were fascinating.
+ Great backdrop for a PM lesson.
+ Risk management is critical on projects, Analogy was interesting.  History can teach us a lot. 
+ Very educational.
+ This seminar exceeded my expectations.
+ Very interesting and informative.
Average Rating out of 5 (with 5 being excellent): 4.3  

ProjectWorld Toronto 2008 Titanic Workshop Evaluation Results  (Apr 08)
We asked 3 questions: rate the Overall, Instructor, Content – all out of 5 (with 5 being excellent). First the big picture:
Overall – best - 4.66 average - 4.18
Instructor – best - 5.00 average – 4.40
Content – best - 4.46 average – 4.05
and your scores: Overall: 4.53, Instructor: 4.53, Content: 4.60

ProjectWorld Toronto 2008 Track Session Speaker Evaluation Results
For the Great Escape presentation. We asked 4 questions: rate the Topic, Speaker, Content, and Overall – all out of 5 (with 5 being excellent). First the big picture:
Topic – best - 4.70 average – 4.03
Speaker – best - 4.74 average – 3.89
Content – best - 4.70 average – 3.72
Overall – best - 4.70 average - 3.80
and your scores: Topic: 4.25, Speaker: 4.28, Content: 4.28, Overall 4.22
Comments collected from track session: Very interesting application, thank you! Highly interesting and applicable. Fascinating analysis!

Feedback from City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department (Apr 08)
"The City of Los Angeles and its Emergency Management Department have used the information presented by Mark to increase its emergency preparedness activities and our understanding of effective project management. We were pleased to be able to bring Mark to Los Angeles and share the information with our Executive Management. If any agency is interested in evaluating project management success and thinks a self evaluation would be useful, the Lessons From History offerings are the best course of action." Anna Burton, Assistant General Manager, City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department

Feedback from Nobilis (Apr 08)
"Thank you for your compelling presentation at our Project Management Institute Luncheon Meeting. The correlations you identified between the Great Escape and today's project management challenges were educational and entertaining. The positive response was overwhelming from one of the largest audiences we have had at any event. Thank you!"
Mary Beth Howe, PMP Noblis

Feedback from PMI Washington DC presentation (Apr 08)
"Once again, Mark delivered an outstanding presentation for our audience of project managers and leaders.  His intriguing and unique examination of the events leading up to and including the "Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III during WWII was right on the mark for professionals interested in the application of our project management principles.  His research was excellent as was his ability to remind us that detailed and flawless planning will always be trumped by execution."
Dave Maurer, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Ret.) Vice President PMI, Washington DC

Feedback from School of Business Fleming College (Mar 08)
"I enjoyed your presentation very much. I think we can learn a lot from history and I incorporated your presentation into an assignment the students had to do. The issues / concepts of strong leadership, the ability to see the big picture, prioritization, communication and network design were very well demonstrated. The historical context was fascinating and showed how we really can learn from the past. Unfortunately, not many people do."
Maggie James, Co-ordinator, Global Supply Chain Management.

Feedback from PMI South Alberta Chapter presentation (Mar 08)
"It is outstanding how today's Project Managers can still not fully apply lessons learn from past tragedies. Mark's titanic presentation was not only a passionate presentation on history but he also aligned the really issues and roadblocks that Project Managers struggles with ever day. PMISAC will definitely be having him back!" Laurel Sim, Director of Programs, SAC

Feedback from ACP Los Angeles, Orange County presentation (Feb 08)
Thank you Mark! And we really enjoyed your presentation: the content, the delivery method, the great pictures, the "geeky" data! It all made sense and brought reality to our day-to-day lives of business!
Mark Kozak-Holland is a fabulous speaker who was introduced to ACP LA, OC, and SD. He is awesome, down to earth, approachable, and very informative. His presentation is so appropriate for ACP meetings because he takes the historical experience, dissects it according to its business practices, and shows where the process worked or failed based on business principles and relates it to the practices of today! He also provides a very interesting insight to the importance of preparedness and contingency planning—at least with the Titanic topic. His presentation is such an innovative approach to history. We chose the business presentation on the Titanic and scheduled him for a two hour program. It took the full two hours and it was fabulous. I highly recommend including him on our speakers bureau list and promoting him to the other chapters, especially those that conduct the symposiums.
Monique Weiland, President - ACP Orange County

Dear Mark, thanks for your outstanding presentation. I truly enjoyed it both times.
Gunnar J. Kuepper, Chief of Operations Emergency & Disaster Management, Inc., President of IAEM Los Angeles

Feedback from APICS LA chapter (Feb 08)
"Mark is able to take a major historical event like the Titanic disaster and draw some extremely relevant conclusions for business leaders of today regarding the key design and planning activities involved. His compelling style and deep knowledge both of past events and current happenings in the business world make him an excellent choice to speak any function. Thanks Mark for a great presentation." Aaron Johnson, Director of events

Feedback from PMI Durham Highlands chapter (Dec 07)
Mark Kozak-Holland is a phenomenon in drawing unique parallels between History and Project Management discipline. His analogies 'n' lessons are spell-binding and widely appreciated by the audience. Best regards Pankaj Jain, Director of events

Feedback from PMI Central Indiana presentation (Sep 07)
The presentation was very dynamic. Mr. Kozak-Holland showed how project teams of today are candidates for the same mistakes that lead to the sinking of the Titanic. Mr. Kozak-Holland related the Titanic disaster well with project lessons of today. I would definitely recommend the presentation to others. Matt Bracher, PMP, Director of Programs

It was a pleasure meeting you last night at the PMI monthly meeting. I enjoyed your presentation last night regarding the parallels between IT projects and the Titanic’s journey towards that fateful night. John Wilson
I attended your Titanic presentation last night at the PMI CIC monthly meeting in Indianapolis. It was great. Perry Needster, PMP

Feedback from PMI Cincinnati presentation (Sep 07)
"Hi Mark, Attended the Cincinnati PMI chapter meeting on 19 Sept, 2007. Your presentation was not only riveting, but it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The best PMI presentation I have ever seen. Great Job…….!!" Don Lykins, 

Feedback from APICS presentation (Sep 07)
I was so delighted with your “Titanic” presentation at the Madison PMI dinner meeting in May that I was eager to invite you to speak for the Rock Valley Chapter of APICS this fall. Our event was a great success. We received wonderful feedback from our attendees. Thank you again, for your marvelous and very professional presentation. Ellen J. Granneman, CPIM, PMP Director of Planning & Inventory Mgt. World’s Finest Chocolate

Feedback from PMI  Rochester presentation (Sep 07)
“Mark, I attended the PMI Rochester presentation. Thanks! Great Job. I really enjoyed it! Kind regards, Maria T. Vetri, Sr. Project Manager, Xerox Corporation
What a great kickoff to the 2007-2008 PMI Rochester Events Season. Seventy (70) registered to attend this month’s event, and it was a good one (twice the number who attended the 2006-2007 season opening …our speaker (Mark Kozak-Holland) did a commendable job as he led us through the “Escape” story/project with an eye toward today’s PM methodologies, and how this story overlapped them.  With images, and related facts he helped shed new light on what had only been a Hollywood treatment for most of us.  Thank you. Jerry L. Behlau, Certified Project Manager

Feedback from UTD PM Symposium (Aug 07)
Please put Dallas on your schedule for August 4-5, 2008, the 2nd UTD PM Symposium, as I would like you to be a speaker again. David Pells
Feedback from CMIT, (MBA program) University of Virginia (Jul 07)
In the words of one participant, the program was a "titanic success!" Another quote to consider: "Mark is a captivating story teller with an important story to tell. The Titanic project provides numerous lessons learned for project managers seeking to avoid their own disasters." We will definitely want to schedule an encore visit (the Great Escape) at some point in the next year or so. Ryan Nelson

Feedback from PMI Keystone Event presentation (Jun 07)
Your presentation was excellent and was very well received by our membership. I'd be glad to provide you a reference for other PMI Chapters and we'd certainly consider for future events for our chapter...my comments were based on conversations with those in attendance after your presentation. Eric Berry, Director of Programs

Feedback from PMI Western Lake Erie presentation (Jun 07)
Comments collected in evaluation "Principles cross boundaries of industry...Very informative... Liked knowledge shared by presenter...Excellent parallel projects...Liked the tie between history & today...fun to learn about the Titanic...Was something we can relate to...Good analogy with IT projects and projects in general Real Life - correlated with today's environment." and the scores: Met Expectations: 4.5, Useful for work: 4.5, Speaker: 4.7
I would be happy to be a reference for other chapters. Kris LaHote, PMP, Director of Programs

Feedback from PMI Great Lakes presentation (May 07)
Must say your Powerpoint Presentation was excellent. I have sent info on your book and your PPt to others authors that I have been working with over the last 5 years...You have truly taken "new" ideas and shown that they are not so new after all.Gary S. Elliott, M.S., PMP, NSA 4011

In the time available to him, the Speaker did a very cogent job of linking a significant historic event to the qualities that are critical to a Project that takes an organization in a new and critical direction. It would be fun to be able to expand on the skills having gained the historic facts setting the stage for a more indepth look. Anon.

Feedback from PMI Ocean State presentation (Apr 07)
We received fabulous feedback from your previous presentation from the membership and the board LOVED it. Allison Richardson, Director of Programs

Feedback from PMI Long Island presentation (Apr 07)
Your presentation on the Titanic was one of the memorable topics identified by our membership during an after the year survey. Jim Smith, Director of Programs

Feedback from PMI Manitoba Conference Workshops (Apr 07)
It seems that a significant number of people enjoyed your 2 sessions...I have read both books and really enjoyed them. Jon Cook, PMI Manitoba Conference

ProjectWorld Toronto 2007 Track Session Speaker Evaluation Results
We asked 4 questions: rate the Topic, Speaker, Content, and Overall – all out of 5 (with 5 being excellent). First the big picture:
Topic – best - 5 average – 4.16
Speaker – best - 4.90 average – 4.03
Content – best - 5 average – 3.83
Overall – best - 5 average - 3.96
and your scores: Topic: 4.62, Speaker: 4.76, Content: 4.67, Overall 4.67

Feedback from APICS presentation (Mar 07)
Your presentation was excellent.

Feedback from Nobilis presentation (Mar 07)
Thanks again for presenting at Noblis. I sought out opinions for the individuals that attended your presentation. All reactions I heard were very positive about your presentation. Many people said that they "remembered the story about the Titanic, but never read or thought about the business decisions that contributed to the disaster" or “they were fascinated how you weaved together lessons from history into a modern business context.” For the folks that could not attend in person, I know a number have visited our internal company intranet to view the recorded presentation. There is great buzz among the people that attended - telling co-workers that they "missed a really great presentation." Thanks again, and I’m hoping we can work out a deal to have you come back again! Michael Nelson, PMP, Principal, Noblis

Feedback from PMI/IEEE  Binghampton presentation (Feb 07)
Mark Kozak-Holland presented educational and entertaining value to everyone in attendance. Project managers, engineers and history buffs were captured by his discussion of management tactics, product design and historical facts. We had a top-notch professional event. 
Vince Socci - Principal and Chief Engineer, On Target Technology Development

Feedback from PMI  NYC presentation (Feb 07)
"The presentation was excellent. The parallels between the launching & sinking of the Titanic to Project Management were astounding. I look forward to another of your presentations."
Charles Pierce, PMP, Director of Programs

Feedback from PMI  Western Michigan presentation (Jan 07)
Your presentation was excellent. Even though you title it as being related to IT Projects, the content is applicable to all projects. Your book on CD is very reasonable and I have several of my PMP's already lobbying with me to get their hands on the ones I bought. From our Members, we received many excellent comments on your presentation. PMI Western Michigan Chapter has had many excellent speakers. I personally thought yours was the best one that we have had in several years. I recommend your presentation for any PMI chapter. Please feel to contact my VP Programs for a 2008 return visit.
Len Todd President@wmpmi.org

Feedback from PMI  Rochester presentation (Sep 06)
Mark, once again, thank you for another excellent presentation. It had a lot of information that I had not been aware of, surrounding the Titanic sinking, and you wove it the story into current scenarios very deftly. It's always a pleasure to learn.
Jerry L. Behlau, VP of Programs

Feedback from PMI Mass Bay presentation (Sep 06)
It was impressive how he could tie analogies between all aspects of the Titanic (from inception to sinking) to the Project Management process. He was enthusiastic, well informed and did a great job of answering the audience’s questions. And I heard a lot of positive feedback from chapter folks as I was mingling after the presentation. Preliminary survey results are very good. 2/3 of those surveyed rated your presentation as excellent. 1/3 as good. (Boston is not the easiest audience). 100 percent want you to return. Now that is impressive!
Kathleen Langone, PMP, VP of Professional Development

Feedback from PMI New Hampshire presentation (Sep 06)
I also enjoyed your presentation and I know the reaction of the membership was quite good. Please let us know about your other presentation for a future event. Howie Lyhte, President
Feedback from HP Services North American PMO (Sep 06)
Great presentation- educational and entertaining! It reminds us all of our responsibility on projects, to ensure decision makers understand all possible risks, as well as risk avoidance opportunities. Thanks, Rhonda Wharton, PMP

I heard Mark speak at an internal Project Management training session when he gave an absolutely captivating presentation on the project management and business lessons learned from the mistakes and bad decisions of the principal people involved in the building and sailing of the Titanic. The lessons learned are as applicable today as they were 90 years ago. Mark would be a great speaker for one of our Vermont PMI chapter meetings.
Michael Knauer, PMP

Feedback from PMI Washington DC presentation (Jul 06)
Mark delivered an interesting and timely presentation weaving the tenets of project management with those of national (and international) leadership. His insights into how Churchill approached his "project," (leading Britain through WWII), were right on target and offered a unique perspective on how to achieve success under the most difficult conditions imaginable.
Dave Maurer, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Ret.) Vice President PMI, Washington DC
Feedback from PMI Central Virginia Chapter presentation (Jul 06)
Mark, Thanks again for your wonderful presentation of “Titanic Lessons for IT Projects” at both our chapter meetings this month. Both sessions were very interesting and your tying of the Titanic’s construction project issues and decisions to the ultimate failure of her maiden voyage (project implementation) was superb! The lessons you illustrated are as true today as they were for that fateful project. Jim Hayden, PMP,

President, PMI Central Virginia Chapter
Feedback from PMI North Alberta Conference (Jun 06)
Let me confirm to you that your presentation was the BEST of the conference in Edmonton. Thank you very much for your efforts in putting it together. It was interesting to see your analysis of BEFORE & AFTER about the TITANIC disaster. Despite the several real-life examples, such as the Titanic's, our corporate culture is very much the same these days, almost a century after. Everything has to be done fast and with limited resources. This is the kind of presentation that I expected from the conference, something that we can learn from, some real lessons on project management, some kind of LESSONS LEARNED that we can build on, no matter the nature of the project. We, project managers, use to do lessons learned at the end of projects, but seldom we review lessons learned from previous similar projects. Having attended your presentation made my participation at the conference worthwhile.
Oscar Gonzalez, PMP, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Feedback from HP Project Management University (May 06)
Thank you again for speaking at our dinner meeting last week. As usual you did a great job! I'd love to sign you up for your topic "The Great Escape"! When do you think you'll be ready for it?
Susan Somerville, PMP, VP of Programs

Feedback from HP Project Management University (May 06)
Mark recently spoke at our Project Management University and was well received. Mark provides an interesting perspective relating practical lessons learned from historical projects to today’s IT projects. James E Crotty, PMP HPS Engagement PMO, Americas PM Profession Lead

Feedback from PMI Great Lakes Chapter presentation (Mar 06)
Your presentation last evening was great. I had eleven new members from my company attend their first PMI meeting last evening and they are just buzzing about the topic yet today. You made a great impression. We picked up one copy of your book. It looks like I need to order three or four more based upon the interest I received this morning. I commend you on your presentation style. Steven Chardon-Strunk, PMP, MBA. Other written comments
• “This presentation was one of the best dinner meetings I have attended. I found the topic and presentation very worthwhile.”
• “An amazing bit of research and presentation. The presenter brought home this most commonly ignored step in PM - the definition phase - in a powerful way.”
• “All of the content was a direct relationship to project knowledge enrichment. Thank you.”
• “A very interesting approach to PM information relating history to today. 'If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it'.”
• “Very interesting meeting which provided great insight as to how project management is necessary for all projects.”

Feedback from PMI NE Ohio presentation (Mar 06)
Thank you for the great presentation! Keith indicated that the turnout was standing room only, and that the audience was very engaged!
Wendy Kotnik, PMP, VP of Programs

Feedback from PMI Rochester presentation (Jan 06)
I was enthralled with the "Winston Churchill as PM" talk you shared with the Rochester Chapter of PMI and would like to know if you have any availability to do a similar event for the same group in September. Thoroughly enjoyable and insightfully delivered, the facts which you presented surrounding this dramatic moment in history created a marvelous example of applied management know-how. In spite of knowing the outcome, I found myself growing a bit tense as you verbally advanced the calendar towards the historical date for Germany’s invasion of Great Britain. The take-aways from your presentation serve as both a teaching and reinforcement of very powerful winning management techniques. Salute!

Jerry L. Behlau, CPM VP Programs, Rochester PMI
Feedback from Adapt to Change presentation (Sep 05)
Hey Mark just wanted to drop you a note , the presentation (Churchill) you put on this morning was brilliant, nice work.
Michael Degagne Enterprise Account Manager National Defence

Feedback from PMI Washington DC presentation (Aug 05)
Thank you very much for your excellent presentation: “On-line, On-time, On-budget - IT Projects from Hell – Lessons from Titanic.” It was a very informative presentation, very well delivered, and very entertaining.  It was a fun evening, and our members really enjoyed the talk. We look forward to seeing you again in the future. Our chapter is glad to provide this letter of endorsement; your presentation would be a very strong addition to any project management seminar or forum. Thanks again for helping support our chapter activities. Sincerely, Mark Tolbert, VP of Programs

“Thank you on behalf of the 5,000 members for attending and presenting a very interesting perspective on PM using the Titanic as a back drop.” Regards, A. Andrew Anderson, President
Feedback from OSQA presentation to Quality Professionals (Jul 05)
"This was one of the most enjoyable professional events I've attended in a long time. It was fascinating to learn that the problems involved in working with new technology haven't changed much over the years."

Brian Baskerville, OSQA Logistics

Feedback from WSIB presentation to Project Managers (Jun 05)
“The speaker was great and the link to the Titanic very interesting. Nice insights, especially to the political influences the plague projects and the importance of the relationship to 'c-level management and the depth of communication. Presentation very informative & relevant to WSIB environment. Very interesting connection made to project management. Example was excellent as a case study for the process. Guest speaker did a great job. Loved the story telling - parallels." Edward Snowdon, PMO, WSIB

Feedback from PMI Canada's Technology Triangle (May 05)
It was really great having you speak again last night. We would be really interested in the follow-on to the Titanic (presentation). Could you do the May dinner meeting (2006) again? Susan Somerville, Director of Events     

Feedback from PMI Syracuse presentation (May 05)
Thank you for coming and doing a great presentation. The feedback to date has been very positive from the attendees and I wouldn't be surprised if you get requests for additional books. As to acting as a reference, I would be glad to do so. Relating to your new presentation, If you are willing to return in the late Fall of this year or Spring of next, we would be thrilled to have you. Al Brandenburg, VP of events

Feedback from Project Risk Symposium Washington (May 05)
Scored 4.2 out of 5 for content - Renee Friedel, Conference Cordinator. Comments:
-Interesting parallel made
-Interesting study case to indicate poor decisions
-Busy slides, good content, interesting presentation
-Liked the detailed slides

Feedback from PMI Rochester presentation (Mar 05)
Thank you for traveling to our chapter meeting. Of course you may use me as a reference. I (will) be pleased to recommend you. Larry Heininger, VP of Programs

Feedback from Huron Valley chapter of PMI (Nov 04)
“An overwhelming response from the audience that the topic was engaging and that they would recommend this speaker to other PMI chapters. Mark presents interesting parallels between business decisions today, and those made in the early 1900's.  He highlights the typical problems of IT projects and balances them against the typical business pressures of project stakeholders. On-line, On-time, On-budget puts the risk/benefits of failures into short and long-term perspectives.” Bob Bodary, Director of Huron Valley chapter of PMI
Feedback from Symcor presentation to Project Managers (Sep 04)
"The presentation was amazing.  The parallel lessons from the Titanic to projects today are similar.  Already I have had opportunity to apply some of those principles on a mini project I have been involved with, and share some ideas that have helped. Mark is very passionate about his delivery and the desire to get his message out.  This is a MUST hear for all those in the track of Project Management." Mark

“I found the presentation extremely interesting and very entertaining. Using the Titanic as the subject matter and drawing analogies between today's challenges and the past was very effective. It re-enforced that no matter how much technologies advance over time, business in the past face the same issues and opportunities as the present. The presentation also supported the importance of team communication, openness and integrity. When you come down to it, managing relationships and individual styles is paramount to project success. If you create an atmosphere where one person dominates, you run the risk of shutting others down. This strengthens the position that project managers must also demonstrate leadership (people) and management (project tasks) skills. We definitely want to avoid the Ice Bucket test results and behaviour. Thank you for a great presentation!” KW

“I attended the presentation that Mark did and found it both interesting and informative.  In particular, it was very interesting to see that projects are the same whether they were done decades ago, as in the case of the Titanic, or whether they are IT projects that are underway in our world today.  The same aspects of planning and risk management are so critical to the completion of any successful project.” Gary

“I found Mark's presentation quite interesting in how he compared the an engineering project with and IT project and identified common issues and ways projects cut corners to meet targets and satisfy clients.  Him tying it back to a major disaster just emphasized the consequences of taking short-cuts in a large scale project. The only issue I had with the presentation was a desire for him to take it a step further and discuss where IT projects differ and how we can avoid similar issues / mistakes in IT related project.” Greg

Feedback from PMI ebusiness SIG presentation (June 2004)
Mark Kozak's presentation of "Averting Project Disasters" uses a well known maritime disaster "Titanic" to illustrate that had project management techniques and methodologies been followed the ending may have been quite different.  Risk identification, assumptions and mitigations during any project are frequently ignored or downplayed hoping for results that are wishful thinking at best.  Mark's unique analogies offer salient insight into project details that can prove to be the difference in success or failure.  Highly recommended for those who seek to identify and resolve issues before they arise. Mark Wientjes, Vice Chairman Professional Development, EBSIG ,

Feedback from PEO Toronto presentation (May 2004)
We found the presentation interesting and topical.  The Titanic comparison was well-researched and the jumping back and forward from it to IT projects was well done.  A number of people at the presentation could very well relate the points discussed to work in their own respective disciplines. Jim Molnar, P. Eng, Chair PEO
I want to again thank you very much for a very enlightening presentation. From working in Ontario Power Generation (OPG), I can relate to some of the problems in project management - both as a P.Eng. in OPG trying to maintain and upgrade our power plants, as well as a user of the computer resources in OPG.  I thoroughly enjoyed the comparison you made with the ill¬fated Titanic.
George A. M. Kralik, P.Eng.,  M.Eng. -  Structural,  B.A.Sc. - Civil Senior Design Engineer

Feedback from Worldwide IBM GS Business Transformation presentation
Comments from April 2004:
• "I think if all course material had a presenter such a Mark who could relate complex theories to real life situations, the e-learning group would greatly benefit"
• "This was as very well done education session.  Thank you ."
• "This was the most entertaining and interesting education."
• "I thought Mark did a very clever and effective job with the analogies between what happened with the Titanic and what happens on our IT projects."
• "This was the best training to date. A++ job this time.
Survey (ratings 1 to 5):
• Objectives clearly stated: 5 - 68% and 4 - 32%
• Met the objectives:  5 - 73% and   4 - 27%
• 40 participants

Feedback from Consulting Leadership Exchange (CLE)  session
Comments from November 2003:
• Brilliant- Linked significant, fascinating historical events in On-Demand terms.  Made methodology a best practices quite interesting, where it could have been very dry.
• This presentation was extremely good analogy between supply chain concept during W.W.II and today.
• Very good idea to use the history facts to the on-demand model.  I will review and extract the essential and use it as an example to explain the On-Demand concept.
• Very enjoyable and informative session.
• Outstanding presentation.  Great case study on how to produce an On-Demand information portal.  Would be a great teaching aid (much more interesting than the case studies you typically see in method cases).  Very high quality charts.
• Very interesting.
• Awesome.
• Interesting topics on how On-Demand theory might apply to a historical event.
• This was fascinating! Although I learned more about W.W.II than about on demand.
• Great work.  Excellent!
• Fascinating analogy of on-demand principles and best practices
• Very interesting material and very well thought out.  Knows his stuff.
• Imaginative/creative approach to a make a boring subject interesting.
• A very creative session!  The presenter knew his topic,  provided an exceptional amount of detail and offered good observation/examples. I appreciate the amount of time and preparation the presenter expended make this a good session.
• Fascinating presentation with a great message.
• Well researched presentation. Not as interactive as I'd hoped but very interesting content.
• Fascinating and helped clarify the principles of on demand as well.

Feedback from PMI Lakeshore Chapter presentation (Sep 03)
"On behalf of the membership of PMI Lakeshore Chapter and board of directors, we want to thank you for a very good job. I have never had so many positive comments after any of our recent speakers. Your topic was universal and well presented. Our thanks for your obvious hard work." Diana Miret, PMP

Reviews on Gantthead series:
"Using experience from the Titanic as an example of PM that could be improved upon, is a very good idea. But my congratulations go to the the author on a riveting series of articles. I was glued to the screen, reading each part to discover 'what happened at the end'. If you are in PM, maybe you're in the wrong trade. An excellent read. "
taniev - May 24, 2005

"The article assumes the scenario of early 80's where organisations   were working in a functional model approach where  there was no collaboration   & co-operation amongst the members working  on a project but in the current  scenario where we have a separate project  management area of communications   management & risk management plus tighter  integration with other departments   of a project I don't think its applicable  to the entire IT industry."
rahul76 - January 22, 2004 

"This is totally on the mark! This hasn't changed in 100 years. I don't agree with the comment made that says we don't run into these problems with curent methodologies. In my 28 years in IT, testing comes at the end of the project and therefore carefully laid test plans are scaled back due to project overruns in other areas. Six weeks of testing is turned into four. Why test for three months? One month should do it. Nowadays, people don't even know what hash totals are -- what do you need those for when you're doing a conversion? I agree with the author that it is important not to let business needs unduly push you into implementation before being ready."
clnewman - January 30, 2004

"Found your Titanic article on Gantthead very interesting. I'm sure you are going to elaborate in following articles, but particularly when viewing the James Cameron movie (and assuming this is true to the facts), it is striking that the "crew" were very poorly briefed about the capabilities of their vessel i.e. the Project Handover was very poor. I am thinking of the fact that they stopped engines and turned the rudder - had they kept the engines going, the ship would have turned faster and they didn't know that a glancing encounter would likely do more damage than a head-on collision. I am sure you will say that the poor testing time had a lot to do with this - as a PM, it is important to ensure good handover (even if you have to ask for more money) or get blamed for the lousy deliverable! Can tell you a story about an IT project I took over that suffered this disease!! Thanks." Owen Price

"A friend forwarded me your article from Gantthead. It was very insightful and well written. I'll have to check out your book." Elizabeth Schmitt

"Just a quick fan letter to say I have enjoyed your Titanic article series on Gantthead, and have just ordered a copy of your book.  Look forward to reading it.  Interested to know if you are doing other research or writing on the topic of project management." Robert McKeeman

"Dear Mark, I just read your article titled “IT Project Lessons from Titanic”. I found it very interesting and you have developed very true and interesting analogies between the two processes. Just wanted to compliment you on that….
Rgds, Bilal Asghar | Applications Engineer

"Read your article on Titanic it was excellent how you related Titanic to the IT projects."
Fatima Murad, Senior Auditor, Internal Audit & Corporate Security

Feedback from ITTSIG Webinar
Comments from October 2003:
• "It was wonderful presentation today and I would like to thank you for organizing it. Mark made an  excellent parallel between the Titanic's case and present IT projects situation." Detelina Nikolova, PMP
• "Excellent presentation with excellent handouts." Martha Coleman
• "This was an interesting and very actual presentation. We may want to expand this in a future event."  Ion Drumea  
• "Thank you for arranging another outstanding presentation for ITT SIG." Joy Webb
• "I attended the SIG call on Thursday November 13th.  It was a very interesting presentation - how the Titanic analogy relates to topics and concerns we have each and every day on our projects.  Thanks for getting the great speakers."
Sally A. Rice, PMP
• "Good presentation.  I like the historical lessons learned approach.  Wish Mark had more time, a tough presentation to do in 1 hour." Bill Hamilton, PMP
• "I have enjoyed the presentation today.  I will definitely participate again." Ivan Koval
• "I found attending today's presentation valuable.  Thanks!" Bob Bradbury
• "I just took part in the Feature Presenation by Mark Kozak-Holland. Many thanks in advance for this and thanks to all involved in putting together this presentation!"  Lorraine Vanas

Feedback from Project World Chicago  session (May 03)
Evaluation summaries for perspective, this includes the highs and average scores from all of the speakers at the conference. Eric Welsh, conference organizer

Overall Value of Session:
9.33 High - OOO, 8.1 Average
Effectiveness of Speaker:
9.5 High - OOO, 8.4 Average
Applicability of Information to Job:
9.22 High - OOO, 8.2 Average

Feedback from IBM PM call (Feb 03)
"What a great idea to take a historical event such as this and review it from a PM perspective and link it directly to today's PM projects.  I think you did a tremendous job with this presentation by making the materials both interesting and educational." Hayley Watson PMP

 "The presentation on the Titanic was excellent." Amy Schneider, Certified Senior Project Manager, PMP

Thank you for hosting a project management eShareNet on the "Lessons Learned from Titanic" on 2/13/03.


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