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  • We interpret
    relevant historical
    case studies for
    today's business
    Based on extensive academic research in the disciplines of business, management,
    project management, and history
  • We analyze the
    great projects of
    the past & extract
    lessons to apply
    to today's projects
    Based on specific research completed for a business school
    doctoral thesis in the disciplines of business (projects) and history.
  • We offer
    business ideas,
    practices, and
    solutions from
    the past
    The first doctoral thesis research questions was:
    - What is the relevance of historical project lessons
          to contemporary business practice?
  • We provide an
    innovative means
    to assist business
    leaders succeed in
    today’s marketplace
    The second doctoral thesis research questions was:
    - what is the approach used in creating these
          historical project lessons?
    Understanding the journey from the past to the present so
    as to establish the journey from the present to the future.

LFH Overview

Our Approach

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Interpreting Historical Case Studies

We reinterpret relevant historical case studies for today's business world. We use an interdisciplinary approach which provides multiple sources of information from different disciplines that we integrate into multiple layers. We also use different business lenses (management, project management, etc) to refine our view of the past.
Lenses can alter or refine historians’ view of the past. History adopts a scholarly framework and attempts have been made to make history more scientific by posing hypotheses to be proved or rejected. All of these ideas affect the writing of history and can account for the way historians continually revisit periods and events in history using the lens of a particular new ideology.  Grattan (2008, pp. 176)

The lenses alter or refine the historians' view of the past and this is why historians continually revisit periods and events.  Most importantly they guide research and shape the methods by defining problem areas, content considerations, assembling evidence, and research questions that need to be answered. New insights emerge when examining historical case studies through a business lens.

A business/project management lens helps find information that is of interest to business people. For example, there are thousands of books on the Giza Pyramid, but very few on the project that delivered it. Examining all the historical sources and evidence through a business/project management lens focuses attention on the elements relevant to a project. When a historical project is interpreted through this lens, it can be understood by contemporary business/project managers and it is of significant and meaningful value to contemporary business practice.

Using Lessons from History in Business

Relevance of Lessons from History

Taken from an interview with Ken Low, founder and president of Action Studies Institute.
"Ordinary leaders lead people where they want to go. Great leaders lead people where they ought to go."
Ken Low

An abreviated interview.

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