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Educational Endorsements

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Endorsements from Educational Institutions

We are active in the education field and the series has been endorsed by a number of universities (Virginia, Denver, Capella, Stafford, Waterloo, in North America and Salford, Manchester, Bradford, Wolverhampton, Westminster in the UK, LUISS Business School Rome).  

Times (U.K.) Higher Education magazine

Review in the Times (U.K.) Higher Education Magazine   

The article draws insights from the depths of disaster. Jon Marcus writes a century on, the Titanic's tragic tale remains a valuable focus for teaching.  


University of Denver University College

The Great Escape book and materials are currently being used for one of the class modules in an online project management course at University of Denver University College for a graduate level class called MOTM4470, Project Management Dynamics.  As part of the syllabus the book provides examples and a relationship to the PMBOK knowledge areas. 

Review by Ray Kaufman

Are you looking for book to help show other how to identify and use project management principles? Seeking examples of project management principles or categorizations? You have found it. I teach at the Graduate School level and we used the book, its story, ideas and examples to understand project management. My students read the book, praised its content and examples. We liked how the author made it project management practical. He showed us how to recognize issues and use it today.

Feedback from Ray Kaufman, Adjunct Professor at Denver Univ, University College (CO, United States)

"I use the Great Escape book in a Project Dynamics class.  Most students arrive at class and are overwhelmed at the PMI forms and process.  I use the book to break down those ideas and show them how to use the 9 knowledge areas.  I have 2 exercises that draw upon the case and students making project management decisions.  I have received very positive feedback from the students about the case and its impact on their work."

"Mr. Kaufman, I don't have any questions, but I will say this may be the most enjoyable book I have read in my masters program. It's an easy read that is very easy to understand."

PDF LFH series in Higher Education


 Feedback from Salford University (Nov 11)

"Thanks Mark. I was reading your book yesterday on the train sitting next to a veteran from Arnhem who was also on the first day of the d day landings – another interesting project! We look forward to seeing you in November." 

Chris Proctor, Lecturer, MSc Project Management course, Faculty of Business, Law & the Built Environment Salford Business School, Manchester, UK


University of Stratford

Feedback from Stratford University (Jan 12)

"I teach an introductory level project management course for graduate students in both the Information Technology and Business programs for Stratford University, Glen Allen, VA campus.  We have been using "Project Lessons from The Great Escape, stalag Luft III" for the last three academic quarters with outstanding results.  Despite a large number of younger, international students, to whom World War II must appear as ancient history, the story is so compelling and the application of project management principles so clear that it transcends their cultures and brings reality to PMBOK.  I'm looking forward to next quarter, continuing with The Great Escape and looking toward a day where we can expand to the Titanic and Churchill books as well.  Thank you, Mark!"

Clifford Vaught, Lecturer


University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce CMIT 

The Great Escape, Titanic, and Churchill books and materials are currently being used at the University of Virginia, Center for the Management of Information Technology (CMIT)  as part of a Graduate class. The mission of the Center is to promote research and education in areas relating to the management of information technology through a program of interdisciplinary cooperation.

Feedback from the CMIT, University of Virginia (Sep 08)

“Personally I’m not that interested in history, but it was amazing to me how relevant the lessons of something that had very little to do with technology could be when applied to the work I do on a daily basis in IT. It just goes to show you how universal the importance of good project management and effective leadership really are.”

Christopher J. Husser (MBA program)  


Feedback from University of Trent (Mar 08)

"I enjoyed your presentation very much. I think we can learn a lot from history and I incorporated your presentation into an assignment the students had to do. The issues / concepts of strong leadership, the ability to see the big picture, prioritization, communication and network design were very well demonstrated. The historical context was fascinating and showed how we really can learn from the past. Unfortunately, not many people do."

Maggie James, Co-ordinator, Global Supply Chain Management, School of Business Fleming College.



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