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Project Impossible

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Project: Impossible

How the Great Leaders of History Identified, Solved, and Accomplished the Seemingly Impossible — and How You Can Too!


This book examines a series of what can be best termed as impossible projects. Nothing is impossible if you have unlimited time, resources, and flexible objectives. Project managers never find themselves in such a situation. Our projects are impossible if they can't be done within the constraints... but sometimes there's a way around even the most challenging barrier. What can you do when the situation looks hopeless? In this exciting journey through history, you'll learn how the greatest leaders and project managers of the past took on impossible challenges...and succeeded.

Here are only three examples:

  • When he wanted to be first to fly nonstop to Paris, Charles Lindbergh was up against competitors with more funding, more experience, and over a year's head start. His strategy? Rethink the thresholds of risk.
  • The other generals laughed at George Patton when he offered to send two divisions to rescue the Battle of the Bulge in only 48 hours. His strategy? See the future and get ready for it early.
  • For mission director Gene Kranz, the odds against a successful rescue of Apollo 13 were daunting at best. His strategy? The Kranz Dictum, a powerful strategy to deal with crises even before they occur.

In PROJECT: IMPOSSIBLE, you'll learn a step-by-step methodology to succeed when facing even the most difficult projects. You'll learn Dobson's Laws of Project Management and discover the Godzilla Principle. From redefining the problem to challenging the project parameters, you'll know how to attack a seemingly impossible project... and get the job done


Paperback: 260 pages

Publisher: Multi-Media Publications Inc.; 1st edition (201x)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1554891388

ISBN-13: 9781554891382

Project Impossible


Charles Lindbergh

Overview of the Book

Project Impossible takes ten ground breaking case studies from history were individuals have faced impossible situations. That is no one in their right mind would consider taking on these initiatives or projects, if they had a choice. What is fascinating is that there are very clear parallels in the way these individuals approach these and from this we can see a set of patterns emerge. These individuals remain composed and methodically set about tackling the situation:

“Leadership is the ability to hide your panic from others.” 

Source: Unknown.  


George S. Patton

From these case studies Michael Dobson extracts not only lessons but an approach that can be taken by anyone. For example, you as a project manager are just given a project from hell. What do you do? How do you approach it?


Dobson's approach analyzes the situation and looks for constraints that then become the primary focus in eliminating or nullifying these.

Apollo 13 Crew

This book is for business people and project managers looking for creative solutions to impossible situations.

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