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Speaking - Entrepreneurial Thinking and Client Management

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Entrepreneurial Thinking and Client Management

Lessons from Ancient Roman Entrepreneurs

There are several planned and available presentations that provide a different slant on the topic and are intended for different audiences.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

This is normally associated with product creation and product innovation but this presentation looks to assist the presentation attendee in the application of entrepreneurial thinking to the discipline of Client Management. Client Management is the comprehensive set of strategies, processes and techniques used to manage and improve all elements of the client relationship. This presentation is centered around case studies drawn from ancient Roman entrepreneurs that focus on the benefits that can accrue from entrepreneurial thinking when applied to the management of the client relationship. These case studies and their application to the modern business world makes this presentation unique.

Audience: Project Managers, Program Managers, Business Managers

Entrepreneurial Thinking & Client Management

Entrepreneurial Thinking & Client Management

Ancient Roman Italy

Learning Objectives

In this presentation you will learn what Entrepreneurial Thinking is and how it is critical to success in the business world – both modern and ancient. Typically thinking entrepreneurially when focusing on the client requires the following six attributes:

Vision, flexibility, confidence, tenacity, opportunism and passion.

Full of intriguing details, the presentation helps provide you useful insights into entrepreneurs.

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The Benefits

The presentation provides a series of insights to be gained from the five ancient entrepreneurs and their actions, providing a unique perspective on client management. A few examples that emerge from these fascinating entrepreneurs include:

  • Effective client communication must consistently stay on message.
  • Stakeholders require attention in direct proportion to their importance to your success.
  • Know your audience and communicate clearly.
  • Client Management is more a marathon than a sprint.
  • Exploiting innovation is not synonymous with exploitation.

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Note: This presentation conforms to the internationally recognized standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI®). You will receive 1-2 PDUs (professional development units) upon completion.

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