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The Future of Project Management

The Future of Project Management
How the future of the profession should realign to the needs of business.Read more

The Future of the Business World

The Future of the Business World
How the future of business will need project managementRead more

Managing Complexity in Projects

Managing Complexity in Projects
How to recognize and manage complexity in projects.Read more

Managing Conflict in Projects

Managing Conflict in Projects
How to recognize and manage conflict in projects.Read more

Knowledge Transfer & Share between Projects

 Knowledge transfer between projects
How to foster the sharing of lessons learned and the transfer of knowledge.Read more

Introducing Innovation into Projects

 Innovation in projects
How to initiate and foster innovation in projects.Read more

Organizational Design in Project Management

 Organizational Design in Project Management
How to set up the organizational structure in a project.Read more

Governance for IT Programs and Projects

 Governance for IT Programs and Projects
How to set up governance for IT programs and projects.Read more

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Client Management
How to approach entrepreneurial thinking and client management.Read more

Impossible Projects and Their Management

 Impossible Projects
How to approach what is deemed an impossible project.Read more

Project Management Funding

 Project Funding
How to approach the funding and sustainment of projects.Read more

Running Projects in Hostile Environments

Running projects in hostile environments
How to set up a PMO in a hostile environment with limited resources.Read more

Agile Leadership and Managing Change

Agile Leadership
How to plan and execute projects in a climate of rapid changes.Read more

Stakeholder and Risk Management

 Stakeholder and Risk Management
How to manage stakeholders and prevent a project disaster. Read more

About the Lessons from History Speaking Events

Speaking eventThe series puts a very different spin on projects and complex business problems of today by applying lessons from history which use relevant historical case studies to examine how projects and emerging technologies of the past solved complex problems. These have been transcribed into a series of presentations. The speaking topics are categorized by existing publication.

Audience for Lessons from History Speaking Events

Speaking eventThe program delivers seminars for project managers, business executives, and decision makers and has been widely delivered to speak at local PMI chapters, organizations, corporations, and at conferences (see testimonials). Since the Lessons-from-History series started in 2001 the number of presentation events (and workshops) numbers in the hundreds and delivered to tens of thousands of attendees.

Available Presentations

Speaking eventAll Lessons from History topics come as unique presentations (customizable to an organization's needs  (see trackrecord). This includes a repertoire of engaging topics that help explain today’s world and provide lessons-from-history. These have been popular with non-profit organizations such as PMI Chapters (for Professional Development Days) and for profit businesses.

Contact Information

Speaking eventWith the Lessons-from-History series we seek out the wisdom of the past to help others avoid repeating mistakes and to capture time-proven techniques. You get more than just the talk. You will walk away with a memorable experience, a story that will stay with you, and will challenge your assumptions long afterwards. For bookings of presentations and workshops for seminars, conferences, and lectures, please enter your email address in the form below.

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